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June - The Year of Jubilee

The Year of Jubilee
Deuteronomy 15:1

This is the year of Jubilee! This is your day, your hour, and your year for a spiritual breakthrough.

Timing is very important to God and this is reflected in the Jubilee cycle.

The year of Jubilee was established as a part of God’s covenant with Israel.

The criterion for calculating up to the 50th year was based on seven year cycles.

For six years the Israelites carried out normal farming rotation, planting and sowing. This continued until the seventh year. Then the land was to have a rest.

God always works in times and seasons as a born-again, spirit filled believer you are spiritual Israel.

What Jubilee means to you!

When Moses went up on Mount Sinia to meet with God, He was given instructions regarding specific days, times and seasons which were to be consecrated and set apart as
Holy Days.

The word Jubilee is taken from the Hebrew word ‘yovel’ and over the years it became known as a year of liberty, freedom, and victory.

In Leviticus 25, God established 5 essential features.
1. Release – Liberty was proclaimed to them who were in bondage. Those enslaved were set free.
2. Restoration – Lost possessions were returned, property lost thru debt was returned.
3. Debt Cancellation – All debts were cancelled.
4. Protection – The people would dwell in safety. The enemy who came to steal, kill and destroy would be defeated.
5. Increase – There would be divine sufficiency, a supernatural cycle of God’s provision.

This was the Lord’s release.