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" Revival is filling the land "

When the Catoes came in July, we had wonderful services but on Wednesday night something really happened. My mom, Paula Amaya had a stroke during service. We started praying. Her left side was paralyzed. Some one called the paramedics but by the time they got there, she was up praising the Lord. We definitely had a miracle that night.
Rosie Amaya O'Bryant

Thank God for my healings; high blood preasure, a blood disease, and my hearing.
Bro. Raney Harris

Thank God for my healing; female problems, a heart condition, and fluid build up in my body.
Sis. Jackie Harris

STUMPHOUSE MT. CHURCH OF GOD - Walhalla, South Carolina

I was suffering from fybromyalgia and scoliosis. I came to a healing service on April 6, 2000 at Stumphouse Mountain, Church of God. My left shoulder was lower than the right. My left leg was shorter than my right. There was pain in my spine and back. My arms and feet were always swollen. Pain was all over my body and I never slept. This had been for years. On April 6, 2000, I claimed my healing and had the best night’s sleep I ever had! GIVING GOD THE GLORY!
Diane Smith

BLACKSBURG CHURCH OF GOD - Blacksburg, South Carolina

First night of revival services I suffered severe spasms across my shoulder during the entire service. At the closing of the service Bro. Catoe said "Someone is suffering pain across their shoulders - get up now for prayer." I knew it was for me. I went for prayer and was instantly touched by God's power. I can sincerely say since that touch I haven't felt that severe spasm again. I thank God every day.
Barbara Gunn

BLACKSBURG CHURCH OF GOD - Blacksburg, South Carolina

For over 20 years I've suffered with an eye problem that an ophthalomologist couldn't find the reason for, nor any treatment to correct it. I experienced bright flashing lights in front of my eyes that usually lasted 30 to 40 minutes. These lights came into my vision with no warning and I've been in danger, especially on the highway, trying to pull over. As Brother Catoe prayed for me, I saw a hugh light coming toward my head at a high rate of speed. It went into my forehead and I felt it as it came out the back of my head. There are not words to explain how it felt as it 'sped' thru my head. I know this was my healing! Praise God!!
LaVonne Blanton

Linda Boodle Ministries, Ridgeville, SC

We were honored to have International Evangelist Rev. Harold Catoe as our speaker for the crusade. God truly used this man of God powerfully to bring forth the Word, with mighty signs following. There were numerous people healed of various ailments.
We truly thank God for every life that has been changed by His power. We appreciate Rev. Harold Catoe for being so willing to come to our area to minister. We love him and thank God for the blessed gift He has given to the Body of Christ through this man of God!
Many were stirred to a greater fervency for more of God! There were two people who came forward and prayed the sinner’s prayer… Praise God! These are some of the reports of those who were miraculously healed during the crusade. We praise God and give Him the glory for all He has done!
~A young lady who had been experiencing pain in her right shoulder and had trouble picking up anything with her arm was instantly healed, and has had no more problems with it.
~A woman whose right shoulder had come out of joint several times received deliverance from the pain when hands were laid on her for healing.
~Another lady who came in the service walking with a cane, left the service without any pain in her legs and without the aid of the walking cane.
~A lady testified of one of her ankles being healed that had been injured about six months before which had left her with a limp. She can now walk without the limp… Praise the Lord!
~Another great miracle God performed during the Friday night service was the healing of Mr. Thurmond Bolen. He received healing from blindness in both of his eyes. God is mightily using this man’s testimony to minister healing, deliverance, and salvation to others. After three years without his sight, Mr. Bolen said; “About two weeks before the crusade I told the Lord I had waited long enough and I was going to get my healing.” Mr. Bolen’s son drove him and his wife to the crusade; and just before they got to the service Mr. Bolen had them to agree with him that tonight would be the night for his miracle. Mr. Bolen said after Rev. Catoe preached the Word, and read Mark 16:15-20, he went down to be prayed for, and when Rev. Catoe laid hands on him to pray, it felt like balls of fire hit his eyes. Mr. Bolen said; “Thank God I am healed, and can read my Bible without any glasses!” Since this miracle took place, Mr. Bolen and his wife Theresa are sharing the great things God has done for them both and, people are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, others have been healed and many lives are being changed by the power of God.

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PO Box 130 – Ridgeville, SC 29472
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REVIVAL FIRES STILL BURNING - North Columbia, Mississippi

Recently, the North Columbia Church of God hosted revival services with Evangelist Harold Catoe of Rainbow City, Alabama. From Monday through Friday night, the power of God was real and openly manifested, with approximately 24 converts giving their lives fresh and new to the Lord Jesus Christ! At least 20 people were filled with the Holy Ghost, twelve of whom were children.
Along with these powerful manifestations of the Holy Ghost, many people were healed by the awesome power of God. One young man was healed of childhood blindness in his right eye. His healing was attested to by Pastor Chris Sowell, who said, “I literally held my hand over his eye and tested him to see if he could see. Every question that I asked him, he could accurately tell me the answer. God has miraculously healed this young man.” Many other healings, physical, emotional, and spiritual, were performed by God during this revival.
(Condensed from a publication of the Mississippi Church of God Department of Evangelism)

NEW HORIZONS CHURCH OF GOD-Mountain Home, AR. June 2001

2 saved, one man come in walking with a cane and left carrying it on his shoulder. A 78 year old woman with a bad heart valve was healed. The Doctor said "Stop taking the medicine there is nothing wrong with your heart." A young boy in an auto accident not expected to live, with part of his brain removed, within hours of prayer regained consciousness and 2 days later was moving all parts of his body.


A couple came to the service drunk and on drugs and left the service delivered and saved. A woman in the service had died with a stroke. The saints prayed and the paramedics were called. Before the ambulance arrived the power of God had fallen, healing had been given and the lady ran all around the church praising God. The paramedics came looking for a victim but found a miracle and a testimony.

NORTH COLUMBIA CHURCH OF GOD-North Columbia, Mississippi

Recently there were 24 saved, 21 received the Holy Ghost. Also, 5 were delivered from alcohol and drugs. There were many healed including a lady that walked out without her wheel chair and another healed of a hurt foot. There were several people healed of deafness. Only heaven will reveal all that happened in this revival.


Outstanding miracle revival!! A woman with scoliosis of the spine was healed and her leg was lengthened. Her testimony was that she had to pull herself up the steps to enter the church. After her miracle, she ran up and down the steps. Three others were healed of deafness. On miracle night, several were healed of various illnesses.

BRADLEY CHURCH OF GOD - Starkville, Mississippi

See the 'Testimonials' section of this website for details reported by the pastor. "Many conditions were healed as Rev. Catoe laid hands on the people. Many said they 'felt heat flow' through their bodies as Rev. Catoe prayed, to which he replied "That's the power of the Lord."" said Pastor Kerry Collins.