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Blind eyes open

A Miracle of Sight for Thurmond Bolen
Ridgeville, South Carolina Miracle Service

Approximately three years ago, I was working in the Florida area. I thought I had it made. I had
plenty of money, went to church just when I wanted to. Then, I lost sight in my eyes. The
diagnosis was not good...Doctors said I would never be able to see again. On a hospital visit,
doctors found I had blood clots in my left leg,
which passed through my heart and enlarged it, then went into my lungs. The doctors said I
SHOULD be dead. In fact, one night, they called all my family members in and advised them that all my vital organs had shut down. I would not live until daylight.

I prayed each day, hoping and believing God would heal my eyes. I went to every prayer service I
could, including a Benny Hinn crusade and still I
could not see.

On Good Friday, April 9, 2004, Rev. Harold Catoe
held a revival conducted at the Ministry Center
pastored by Rev. Linda Boodle. Rev. Catoe laid his hands on me and it felt as though a ball of
fire went through my eyes. GOD HEALED MY EYES!!

After I received my healing, I contacted my sister
and prayed for her and she was healed after being
blind for three years. God also healed her legs and her asthma. We went to my son's house where
five got healed and two got saved. My brother who had not been in church for 50 years, went to church with his wife!!!

God is STILL in the Miracle Working business.

Thank God for HIS healing and saving power. My
sister in Barnwell, South Carolina is a school teacher and she is NOT a Christian, but she called all the teachers together and told them about my healing. Thy all cried and wanted to know who the man was and she told them HIS NAME IS JESUS!!!!

I thank God for sending Rev. Catoe our way.

Love, A Brother in Christ,
Thurmond Bolen
North Charleston, S.C.
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